Others say about Pet-Pocket

The agility dog

Thea is a certified dog trainer in Denmark's Civil Dog Management Association and devotes a lot of her time to stimulating her two Border Collies. She trains agility at competitive level and engages in rally and obedience with her oldest dog, Laika.

”Laika loves to work and use her head, and therefore I was very interested when I heard about Pet-Pocket. Laika was given a Pet-Pocket and quickly understood the concept. Unlike previous types of activity toys, Pet-Pocket continued to challenge her.”

When Laika got a knee injury in March 2016, all training was put on hold and all walks were done on a leash. She was certainly not satisfied and became restless.

”Pet-Pocket was one of the only activities she could easily be stimulated by, which wasn’t very time-consuming for me. During her injury period, she played with Pet-Pocket daily, and I could clearly feel that she felt mentally better afterwards.”

“I will most definitely recommend Pet-Pocket to others, regardless of whether your dog is injured or fit for fight, Pet-Pocket is fantastic stimulation. Laika has fortunately recovered from her injury, but still enjoys to play with her Pet-Pocket.”

Thea Stenberg Hansen, Esbjerg, Denmark

The family dog

”I have a small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is a picky dog that never wanted to play. I have bought a lot of activity toys, but she only finds them interesting for a few days, then they’re out and she will rather snuggle up with me on the couch.”
”I tried again with Pet-Pocket. It made her think, which is a good thing, and it didn’t take her long to understand how it works. Now she wants to play with it every night. She finds it herself, comes to me and puts it in front of me, like she’s saying ‘Hey! It’s time to play.’ We have had this routine for almost 6 months now – actually every evening. All her other toys are stored in a box, and she doesn’t even look at it."

Lone Nielsen, Allesø, Denmark