Dogs that use their heads wag their tails

What is Pet-Pocket?

Pet-Pocket is interactive toys for dogs developed in collaboration with veterinarians and behavioral specialists. It is made of soft, phthalate-free material that reduces the risk of damage to teeth, floors, and furniture. Pet-Pocket does not take up much space and is easy to bring when visiting others or on holiday.

What’s in it for me?

The mental stimulation boosts your dog's self-esteem, as it gets a successful experience by finding the treats. It becomes more confident - also in other contexts. The mental stimulation makes your dog tired so it becomes calmer. You can split up your dog's food so it does not swallow the entire meal at once. Your dog uses both teeth, tongue, paws, and snout to find the treats and is rewarded for its abilities, so it constantly improves its skills.

How do I do?

You hide treats in the Velcro pockets. You determine the difficulty level depending on how tightly you close the pockets and how you build the toys together. You can continuously expand and build more Pet-Pockets together as your dog requires more difficult challenges. All Pet-Pockets fit together. We recommend that you first pack the toy in front of your dog and show it how to open the Velcro pockets and find the way to the treats.