About Pet-Pocket

Pet-Pocket is a Danish company. We have specialized in interactive dog toys with the purpose of improving the relation between dog and owner. After several years of development, in 2017 Pet-Pocket launched a product line that develops dogs’ abilities and increases their well-being.

Frank and his idea

Pet-Pocket’s founder, Frank Nelson, is both an inventor and a passionate animal lover. Pet-Pocket is the result of both. It was an article in the Danish newspaper, Berlingske Tidende, that sowed the seeds of Pet-Pocket. The article described that up to 25% of all relationships between dog and owner ends with the dog either getting a new home or being euthanized.

Frank thought there must be an alternative. He set out to find a method that could stimulate the dog through play, while keeping focus on the owner’s love and care. He researched, interviewed animal behavior specialists and veterinarians, and spoke to numerous dog owners in his search for a tool that could ensure the dog’s need to solve problems was met through intelligent activation.


Buster the test pilot

The stimulating effect in the first prototypes was quickly observed. Frank’s own dog, Buster, was an enthusiastic test pilot, who learned to associate the sound of Velcro being opened with Pet-Pocket playtime. At the same time, Buster’s self-confidence grew and he seemed calmer after playing with the toys.

Stimulation and activation through play are still the backbones in Pet-Pocket. A striking contract to other dog toys is the ability to build several Pet-Pockets together and create new variations. This keeps the dog’s interest in the toys as it is eager to solve new puzzles. Pet-Pocket is continuously tested on several dogs of all ages and across breeds.


The thoughts behind the interactive toys

Dogs often quickly learn to solve the puzzles when faced with interactive toys, which especially applies to Frank’s dog, Buster. Frank’s desire to keep Buster busy playing for a longer time made him look for other alternatives, in which variation should play a greater role. A greater utility value of the toy was important. Frank was inspired by how LEGO has managed to create joy for children for years and how the brick concept ensures new play combinations and creative development.

Velcro became the solution as it attaches crosswise and is easy and safe to use for both children and dogs. It offers creative play for both dog and owner as there is not one correct way to build the toys together. Produced in phthalate-free tarpaulin from the food industry, you are guaranteed clean materials that do not harm floors, furniture nor dogs.