• Box Daisy

    Box Daisy

    Product number: 10020

    Daisy has four hidden pockets under the dog bones on both the front and the back. You decide the difficulty level, depending on how loose or tight you close the pockets. With a hidden pocket in the middle, your dog really needs to use its skills to get to the treats.

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    We use the strongest soft and clean materials we have been able to find. All products are made in phthalate-free tarpaulin, which is used in the manufacture of knife-stopping aprons for the food industry. Unfortunately, in some cases we have experienced that dogs’ incisors can penetrate the material when the activity toy is no longer used for activation, but as a chew toy. Therefore, the correct presentation of the toy is important, so the dog understands it must solve puzzles for treats and not chew the toy to pieces.

    You open the Velcro, place a treat, and fold the Velcro back so it wraps around the treat. The concept behind Pet-Pocket is easy for dogs to understand - but it's a good idea to help your dog get started. A good way is to sit on the floor and pack the Pet-Pocket with treats while your dog is watching.

    It is a good idea to show the dog how the Velcro is opened and close a few of the pockets very loosely so your dog quickly understands the concept. If your dog is very small, the pockets may be difficult to open - here you can also help the dog by simply closing the Velcro halfway.


    Levels indicate the difficulty of each product. Some products have the potential to cover multiple levels. It is shown by an arrow from one level to the next. You can always build a level 1 product together with a level 2 or 3 product to increase the degree of difficulty.

    Level 1

    Level 1 is the easiest level and we recommend you start here, if your dog doesn’t have experience with solving puzzles.

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